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Expedition sailing to tropical island

When you think of cruising, you may picture umbrella drinks and tanning by the pool. There is certainly something to be said for taking a cruise to relax and unwind. But did you know there are also expedition cruises that reach the far corners of the globe and are chock-full of adventure and education? Expedition cruises can take you to destinations that are not easily accessible by other means of transportation. These trips also employ specialists in their respective fields of study, like marine biology, geology, and ornithology, bringing an extra level of depth to your experience in unique destinations. 

One of our favorite and most popular expedition cruises is the Galapagos Islands. This archipelago of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Ecuador is home to incredible populations of endemic species. This means many plants and animals in the Galapagos are unique to the destination and cannot be found anywhere else. The Galapagos Islands were made famous when Charles Darwin studied the islands and their species. Today, the Galapagos National Park and Galapagos Marine Reserve remain rich in plant & animal life of all kinds, making it is an amazing destination for people interested in flora & fauna, birds, and marine life. It is also a particularly special destination for families with children. Kids love to get up-close-and-personal with birds, sea lions, iguanas, and giant tortoises! 

Another popular expedition cruise is Antarctica. The ships are built to travel in the ice fields and can access places that it would be impossible to get to otherwise. Antarctica is also an incredible destination for people interested in animals; you can anticipate seeing scores of penguins and whales. Interested in history? You’ll learn all about the early explorers and the heroic Age of Exploration. Simply seeing the awe-inspiring ice forms makes this trip-of-a-lifetime worth it!

The best tip we can offer for booking expedition cruises is: book early! Even a year or more in advance is advisable. For Antarctica, the season is quite short from December to February, so there are only a few departures per year. The Galapagos is a year-round destination, but books up well in advance for peak family travel dates like Spring Break, Christmas & New Year’s, and summer vacation. Our advisors have experienced expedition cruising on all 7 continents. We would be happy to help you navigate this adventurous mode of travel!

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