The White Continent, the world's most remote land mass, beckons intrepid travelers with its pristine, otherworldly landscapes. Exploring this vast wilderness allows you to witness breathtaking icebergs,  curious penguins, and breathtaking icy cliffs in a place where nature reigns supreme and human impact is minimal.

82.8628° S, 135.0000° E

Take a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to the most remote continent in luxury.

Reward yourself after a polar plunge in the Southern Ocean with a glass of bubbly and a soak in a hot tub, gazing out at the stunning icebergs.

Push your adventure to the next level by spending a night camping on the Antarctic continent and waking to a vivid sunrise over the white snow.


From adorable penguins to elusive seals, and cheeky seabirds to graceful whales, the diversity of species in Antarctica is a wildlife lover's dream.

Learn from expert expedition leaders who specialize in Antarctica's animal kingdom before heading out for a day of observing the wonderful creatures up close.

Let playful penguins swimming beside your zodiac accompany you as you make your way closer to a pod of majestic whales.


Visiting Antarctica is an expedition into a land of extreme beauty and isolation, a unique adventure for those seeking an untouched and ethereal experience.

Take in the profound silence of Antarctica, only broken by the sounds of ice breaking off into the ocean, from your private balcony.

Hike the breathtaking, ice-covered mountains on the Antarctic Peninsula, looking back down over colonies of penguins and crystal blue icebergs.

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Best time to go: Nov-Mar

*Temperature ranges are estimates.

“Traveling to Antarctica is both humbling and inspiring. It makes you feel so insignificant in the best way and reignites a passion for our Earth that many of us lose in the day to day shuffle.”

Amanda Halacy
McCabe World Travel

“Exploring Antarctica is one of the most exhilarating adventures on Earth. There are many reasons to go - See scores of penguins and whales, fall under the spell of sculptural ice, learn the dashing history of the Heroic Age of Exploration.”

Lindblad Expeditions
Preferred Partner

“The experience that most shaped my trip to Antarctica was being in a small zodiac in the middle of a pod of feeding whales. It was a reminder of how small we are and only a part of this great world.”

Michelle Bemis
McCabe World Travel Advisor

“A legendary land with a history of attracting the great explorers, the White Continent continues to command a strong fascination today. Sail along the continent's incredible coasts, admire its unique wildlife and navigate through immaculate white scenery, where icebergs glimmer and shine in an explosion of blues.”

Preferred Partner

“South Georgia is a mountainous island known for its diverse wildlife (including a massive king penguin colony at Salisbury Plain), glaciers and fjords. South Georgia is often called the “Galapagos of the Poles” because of its biodiversity.”

Quark Expeditions
Preferred Partner

“There are so many options to tailor your Antarctica Journey. Lindblad is totally expedition focused and you'll learn a lot, Silversea is a wonderful luxury expedition, Antarctica 21 allows you to fly if you're concerned about the rough passage, and many more great options!”

Deborah Jett
McCabe World Travel Advisor

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