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Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

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Lost luggage at airport

From lost luggage to disruptive weather, travel is as unpredictable as it is exciting. While we always hope that we’ll be met with smooth seas, the reality is that it’s all too easy for plans to go awry. That’s where travel insurance comes in - serving as a reliable safety net that guarantees peace of mind throughout your journey.

Why you Should Purchase Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend our clients purchase travel insurance prior to their trips to ensure they’ll be covered should an unexpected disruption arise. Travel expenses can pile up quickly, and with many arrangements being nonrefundable, you’ll want to ensure you have a safeguard in place.

Travel insurance is essential for international travel, prepaid commitments such as tours, day trips, or activities, remote destinations that lack sufficient healthcare resources, or destinations prone to weather-related interruptions. Additionally, for anyone participating in adventurous or physical activities such as skiing or hot air ballooning, we suggest purchasing travel insurance with specific add-ons tailored to provide comprehensive coverage for such activities.

Unforeseen events like a sudden health emergency for you or a family member just before or during your trip can also severely disrupt your vacation plans. The refundability of your money may not be guaranteed, particularly in cases involving health emergencies, lost luggage, or positive Covid test results. Regular health insurance usually doesn’t cover medical expenses incurred abroad. So, should you fall sick or sustain an injury, you’ll want the extra layer of protection that travel insurance provides.

What does Travel Insurance Cover?

The coverage offered by travel insurance varies, and is dependent on the policy type, purchase timing, and the specific terms outlined by the provider. Whether it's a single trip, multiple journeys, or an entire year, policies cater to individual or family needs. Top providers such as Allianz, Travel Guard, and Travelex offer multiple policies, each with different coverage levels and pricing structures. Note that exclusions often include pre-existing medical conditions or engaging in high-risk activities. For further clarification, know that your McCabe World Travel Advisor is here to help you understand what is and is not covered.

Travel Insurance is one of the best travel companions you can have, especially if your trip involves considerable nonrefundable costs, includes high-risk activities, or takes you into regions with limited healthcare facilities. Be sure to chat with your McCabe World Travel advisor for personalized guidance on selecting the most suitable travel insurance plan for your trip. We want you to enjoy your getaway with confidence, knowing you have the right protection in place for a seamless and worry-free journey.

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